Ravenous - 

Coz its only fair

you give them a bright bold warning.

That you are going to chew them up and spit them out.

Mercy is for other colour palates.

- Belligerence 

Coz life is short

so own it!

Make a statement.

Make it loud.

Make it you.

Make your mark.


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 Coz Belligerent 

Embrace your belligerence

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Miscreant -

Coz rules are for other girls. For you there is only one rule.

'Do what I say or get out of my way'.

- Saving Grace 

​Coz after living

life to the fullest 

and taking no prisoners,

every girl needs a little saving grace.  
​And a Mani-Pedi! 

Contempt -

Coz why settle for

second best.

You know what you want. Demand it.

Treat with disdain those who cannot deliver it.

 - Voracious

​​​Coz some appetites can never be satisfied.

Why should they? 

You're insatiable.

You know it.

They know it.